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Manvi Ketireddy


I am (Vedmanvitha) Manvi Ketireddy, a sophomore at Mira Loma High School.

Being a science fanatic, I remember what got me so dedicated to the science field at a young age: the experiments that I got to do, where I was able to see reactions occur, and learn about how processes take place. Through that interest, it was no surprise that the art of cooking was attractive to me.


It all started with me sitting on a countertop, secretly licking the cake batter while my mom was whisking it. It was only a matter of time before she allowed me to do it all by myself. Wanting to explore more, the Food Network Channel was played continuously on the TV. As soon as inspiration struck, I would run to the kitchen and make something, with my parents as the victims of my cooking journey. The only problem was that I live in an Indian household filled with spices and more spices, nothing else. But because of that, my creativity was able to shine through, where I was able to improvise and create dishes of my own.


Cooking and baking are not only my passion, but a stress-reliever and a form of expression. It also fills me with happiness as I see people's look of amazement when they take a bite of my food.

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