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Vegan Fruit "Cake"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Yes, it's not really a cake, but it looks amazing!

One of my best friends turned to a vegan and healthy lifestyle a while ago and was headed off to college in a few months. Therefore, I wanted to throw a mini graduation party. The thing that puzzled my parents and I the most was how we were going to make a vegan, healthy cake as we have never made one before. This also meant drastically limiting the sugar used. For this vegan cake idea, I give credit to the 105 degree heat, making the watermelon sitting in my pantry look like a dream treat. Before long, I carved the watermelon into a dome shape and was not sure what to do next. My mom gave one look at it and laughed hysterically as my carving skills were clearly not up to par. She challenged me to find a way to cover it so that one could not even tell that it was a watermelon. Boy, do I love challenges...


  • half a watermelon

  • strawberries

  • oranges

  • grapes

  • blueberries

  • toothpicks


  1. Cut off the watermelon rinds and carve it to be in the shape of a dome.

  2. Cut the strawberries and oranges into slices as seen in the picture above.

  3. Start placing the cut-strawberries and oranges on the outside of the watermelon dome, starting from the bottom and going to the top.

  4. When near the top of the watermelon dome, place a cluster of grapes on top, filling the "holes" with blueberries, and topping it off with a strawberry rose!

  5. For extra support, use toothpicks to hold up certain fruits that are being problematic.

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